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Golden Triangle
Delhi - 5 Nights
Block out period: 20 Dec '18 - 05 Jan '19
Valid. 15-Mar to 30-Sep-2019
R12,210.96 pps
From Tango to Samba
Buenos Aires - 7 Nights
South America
Discover both exotic cities and be amazed by the sights of the Falls.
Valid. 11-Mar to 11-Dec-2019
R39,598.80 pps
Tango Experience
Buenos Aires - 4 Nights
South America
Unforgettable Buenos Aires is sexy, alive and supremely confident.
Valid. 01-Jun to 31-Aug-2019
R30,196.48 pps
Fabulous Las Vegas
Las Vegas - 4 Nights
North America
Sunday arrivals
Valid. 01-Apr to 31-Oct-2019
R19,142.54 pps
Russia Past & Present
St. Petersburg - Moscow - 5 Nights
From St. Petersburg to Moscow
Valid. 26-Mar to 23-Oct-2019
R38,699.87 pps
Italy by Train
Rome - 7 Nights
Taking the train is the best way to discover Italy and all its treasures.
Valid. 01-Apr to 31-Oct-2019
R34,882.37 pps
Rio City & Beach Combo
Rio de Janeiro - Buzios - 5 Nights
South America
Explore Rio & relax on the beautiful beaches of Buzios.
Valid. 01-Apr to 30-Nov-2019
R23,560.00 pps
Turkey Classic Super Saver
Istanbul - Ankara - Cappadocia - Pamukkale - Kusadasi - Pergamum - Troy - Canakkale - Dardanelles - Callipoli - 10 Nights
Middle East & Mediterranean
Discover ancient ruins, wonderful food and glorious scenery.
Valid. 26-Mar to 31-Oct-2019
R19,195.11 pps
Los Angeles, City of Angels
Los Angeles - 5 Nights
North America
"City of Angels" famous for its film and television industry.
Valid. 01-Apr to 31-Aug-2019
R26,533.93 pps
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