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Seychelles Island Hopping
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
A once in a lifetime experience!
Valid. 24-Jul to 31-Aug-2017
R33,359.55 pps Read more
4-Star Sands Suites Resort & Spa
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
Great location! - Book 45 days prior to arrival.
Valid. 22-Apr to 30-Sep-2017
R17,461.59 pps Read more
4-Star Maritim Crystals Beach Hotel
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
Designed for luxury - Book 30 days prior to arrival
Valid. 22-Apr to 30-Sep-2017
R19,480.84 pps Read more
Hanneman Holiday Residence
Africa & Indian Ocean Islands
Experience the Seychellois way of life!
Valid. 02-May to 22-Jun-2017
R16,917.18 pps Read more
Bali Bliss
Free WI-FI!
Bask in the Bali sun with this ALL INCLUSIVE offer!
Valid. 04-May to 24-Jun-2017
R26,414.28 pps Read more
Thai Value
A complimentary Phuket Tour!
Best deal for a beach holiday in Phuket!
Valid. 15-Apr to 30-Jun-2017
R11,836.41 pps Read more
Bangkok Shopping
An experience to thrill and delight the most discerning of shoppers.
Valid. 01-Apr to 31-Oct-2017
R10,197.41 pps Read more
Golden Triangle
This famous tour is jam-packed with unforgettable experiences.
Valid. 17-Jul to 30-Sep-2017
R14,439.79 pps Read more
Italy by Train
Taking the train is the best way to discover Italy and all its treasures.
Valid. 15-Apr to 20-Jun-2017
R29,671.96 pps Read more
Classic Andalucia by Train
The best way to explore the Spanish cities.
Valid. 01-Apr to 20-Jun-2017
R24,371.02 pps Read more
Explore Rome
Why I love Rome!
Valid. 01-May to 30-Jun-2017
R21,965.00 pps Read more
Paris & Disneyland
The place where dreams come true!
Valid. 15-Apr to 20-Jun-2017
R24,345.57 pps Read more
Croatia Island Hopping
Middle East & Mediterranean
Sail the stunning islands of Croatia.
Valid. 24-May to 05-Jun-2017
R25,620.49 pps Read more
Island Hopping Escape
Middle East & Mediterranean
Spectacular aquamarine coastlines and sun-bleached ancient ruins. Greece thrills!
Valid. 25-Jul to 25-Aug-2017
R28,509.56 pps Read more
Abu Dhabi
Middle East & Mediterranean
Free half board promo!
A cultural experience!
Valid. 16-May to 31-Aug-2017
R17,583.62 pps Read more
Turkish Delight
Middle East & Mediterranean
Valid. 15-Apr to 20-Jun-2017
R16,658.86 pps Read more
Los Angeles
North America
"City of Angels" famous for its film and television industry.
Valid. 01-May to 31-Oct-2017
R31,202.43 pps Read more
Take a Bite of the Big Apple
North America
The most exciting city in the world!
Valid. 22-Jun to 26-Aug-2017
R28,623.80 pps Read more
Canadian Rockies
North America
Mighty, rugged and exquisite!
Valid. 28-May to 30-Sep-2017
R28,137.74 pps Read more
Western Caribbean Cruise
North America
Adventure awaits onboard the Allure of the Seas!
Valid. 13-Aug to 20-Aug-2017
R33,316.57 pps Read more
City & Beach Combo
South America
Explore Rio & relax on the beautiful beaches of Buzios.
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R22,234.14 pps Read more
From Tango to Samba
South America
Discover both exotic cities and be amazed by the sights of the Falls.
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R47,096.89 pps Read more
Peru on Sale!
South America
Ancient temples, Spanish cathedrals and the Sacred Valley of the Inca.
Valid. 01-Feb to 31-May-2017
R33,853.96 pps Read more
Deep in the Jungle
South America
The Amazon never fails to impress!
Valid. 28-Feb to 31-May-2017
R56,051.80 pps Read more